I have an old (1982) boat that has served me and others well.  It still runs well, and is Aluminum, so I gutted it and had it completely sandblasted.  The idea was to make it ‘pretty’ again after 38 years.  I called several different paint shops, and painters – nobody I talked with had the time or inclination to paint both my boat and motor parts.  The motor had been dismantled and sandblasted as well.

          I called a place listed on the ‘web’, and it turned out to be C.A.R.S.  On the ‘web’ it was under a different name.  In any case, I talked with Crystal, who told me that Steve was unavailable at that time, but that she’d have him call me as soon as he was available again.

          Steve called, and asked if he could come by and look at the boat.  It was in my garage, where I had been working on it.  He came by promptly the next day, and immediately began to tell me what it would need from that point on to get a nice paint job.  Obviously, he knew exactly what he need to do, and it showed.  He accepted the job, and we set a schedule to be brought to his shop within two weeks.

          Steve helped me get the correct pain, primers, and other chemicals for a first class job, and began on the motor parts.  When they were done, I picked them up, to begin re-assembly.

Very well done – beautifully so!  Fast forward less than a week – and the boat is done too.  Exactly how I wanted it – no runs, no hits, and no errors.  Again – beautiful!

          From the beginning, Steve, Crystal, and the whole crew have been gracious as can be.  Steve kept me informed throughout the whole process.  I got the beautiful boat I wanted and made friends along the way.  What more could a guy ask?  I’m very happy with the job, and wholeheartedly recommend C.A.R.S. for that paint work you might need.  They’re GOOD!


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